Friday, July 25, 2003

So, my aunt's brother-in-law brings a girl that he's dating by the booth. To say hi and show her what Carol does, or something.
Carol says, "Hello, are you the nurse?"
Loren blanches, his girl looks askance and says "No. I'm the realtor."
Perfectly normal conversation ensues.
Loren comes back later to tell us that they got 20 feet and he was asked, "So, who's the nurse?"
He says, "No one currently in the picture."
She says, "So, who is in the picture."
Carol apologized profusely for bringing up the extra girlfriends.
I asked Loren why he doesn't just mention to prospective new girlfriends that he is dating other people.
He says 'I don't think they'd like sharing."
And I say, "Yeah, but they already are. And people might surprise you."

In short, why is it okay to date more then one person and not tell them, and people look at you funny if you are openly doing so?

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