Tuesday, January 13, 2004

People are dumb

Mali announces that TolCon will have a club table and we need help. The response from the volunteers list is: "What is Rustycon?"
I give them the link to Rustycon page.
Volunteers list says, "Okay, but where is it?"
I go to rustycon page and look at the big bulletin on the front page where they announce the location. "It is at the SeaTac Radisson," say I.
The volunteers list says: "I live in SeaTac and I still can't find it!"
I go to mapquest enter "Radisson" city of SeaTac. I tell people on the list what the cross streets are (highway 99 and 170th. That it is on the west side.

If this is not enough information, I REALLY don't want their help. I can just imagine the conversations.

Me: We are trying to encourage people to register. Give everyone who asks this reg form.
Them: But how will they fill it out?
Me: With these pens.
Them: How do they work?

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